Baby Shoes Unicorns

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Those little colored leather shoes will dress baby's feet with chic! They take us into another world with those little chocolate-colored unicorns on a blue background. Made exclusively from natural leather, they allow baby's feet to breathe.


Made in Walls.


About the creator:

The British brand Inch Blue is a oasis for lovers of originality, quality, fun and colorful designs. All the shoes are designed and assembled by hand.


We fell in love with:


- Supple non-slip suede soles ideal for tiled and wooden floors.

- Soft breathable leather that protects and allows feet to grow naturally

- Elasticated Ankles for ease of fit and ensures shoes really do stay on


Shoe Care:

Inch Blue shoes are recommended for indoor use or travelling in the car or buggy etc. 

They require very little care and will take on that 'used leather' look as they mold to your babies foot - this is natural and shows that they are being well used. If shoes do become dirty simply clean with a damp cloth or with approved leather cleaner.

  • Dessus : Cuir souple
  • Semelle extérieure : Daim
  • Semelle intérieure : Daim
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