Customised Product Packaging



We offer a personalised gift-wrapping service to add to those perfect finishing touches for you.


Azawé suggests two kinds of gift-wrapping. You can either choose a box or a pretty envelope. Azawé is in charge of adapting the size of the packaging to your products.

You are also free to choose the way you want to decorate your gift wrapping with:

-         the color of the wrapping paper

-         the color of the ribbon amongst our choice of colors.




You can have several types of packaging for every article you buy.

If you wish to have gift wrapping, you should simply specify it at the time of confirming your order just before accessing the payment page. You can also write a personalized message, which will be printed on a signed card and added to the parcel.

Azawé will simply ask you to select the articles you would like to have packaged.


Feel free to contact us for any further information or advice regarding the finishing of the product packaging.